Free-Cycle at Villagers:  Offer what you can, Receive what you need!

Free-Cycle at Villagers: Offer what you can, Receive what you need!

Hi it’s me- Kendra!  You might want to hear from me about what is happening with Villagers.  The truth is, I don't know yet.  No big changes just yet.  I have mostly been observing so that I might try to truly understand the community ~ all of YOU.  But I AM really excited to share the news of our FREE-CYCLE program! Ever since becoming the “Mama” of Villagers I have wanted to give back, and this is one way I hope to show my gratitude. If you have visited the shop recently, you may have noticed a colorful new corner in the entryway, adorned with clothing, books and home goods - this is our Free-Cycle corner!  We offer this space for community members to bring in gently used items in good condition that may be of use to others.  We hope to turn our Free-Cycle corner into a full blown Free Box with the help of the community one day.  For now, it is a symbol of giving to help us all.

A big part of our mission at Villagers is living sustainably, sharing, and giving as well as receiving.  Recycling and reusing are easy to do!  Clothes that you just don't wear anymore, books you've already read, home goods sitting unused on the shelves ... somebody out there will love them.  Give.

Now let’s talk about letting go… I personally have been in a purging phase… I admit, I have accumulated too much STUFF. It’s easy to do, right?  It was weighing me down, and it was time for liberation from the burden of STUFF!  We put up a Free-Cycle sign, I started dropping off belongings, and we found they were useful to others!  It feels good to GIVE. As more and more folks started to contribute, the cycle began to flow! Haywood Road neighbors - thank you!

“Free-Cycle is more than just giving of unwanted objects. It’s also about our inner gifts and time and energy and is founded on a community or friendship mindset.”

The Free-Cycle corner is a symbol of the Gift Economy. In a gift economy the more you give the richer you are. The gift economy represents a shift from consumption to contribution, transaction to trust, scarcity to abundance and isolation to community. [Charles Eisenstein]

I know, I own a retail store. Consumption will not stop, and Villagers hopes to offer useful and unique products that will help us all live a self-empowered life. Products and services that will encourage personal growth, learning, ethical and sustainable living, and most importantly, bring us JOY!

The gift economy is not radical. It’s quite familiar to anyone who has operated within a large family (which I have)!  You buy a friend a meal, offer help when a family member needs it, or simply offer your time to someone with no expectation of return. You see the concept goes far beyond the giving of unwanted objects. It’s also about our inner gifts and time and energy, and is founded on a community or friendship mindset. I believe we are here to give and that we all have unique gifts to give. 

Join the family at Villagers in giving and receiving.  Our Free-Cycle corner is never the same twice ~ it will be what we all make it to be - collectively. Thank you for being a part of the cycle!

We ultimately rely upon goodwill and the spirit of giving for the Free-Cycle Program.  In order to keep the space clean and useful to all, please check out our Free-Cycle Etiquette ~ thank you!

Free-Cycle Etiquette:


  1. Please call first to ask about available space - if space is full we may have limited back storage, so check in first (
  2. Bring gently used items, including:  books, laundered clothing, home goods, other suitable items with a little left to offer!
  3. Place items neatly in the most appropriate area according to signage. If you have questions, ask!
  4. Do not leave a bag of unsorted items.  Please never leave unusable items, things that are broken, dirty, large furniture, glass recycling and so on. Use good judgement.
  5. Please leave the space nice + tidy.


  1. Feel free to take your time and look around. And pop inside and say hi!
  2. Return any items that you pick up to their proper place, if you are not taking them.
  3. Keep the area orderly - thank you!
  4. Enjoy!

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