Spring Ayurvedic Cleanse with Villagers in May

Spring Ayurvedic Cleanse with Villagers in May

Words about the upcoming Spring Ayurvedic Cleanse, from cleanse facilitator Sarah Fields:

When gentle spring breezes start to blow, it's time for spring cleaning — not only for your house but for your body too. 

Toxins tend to accumulate all year round, due to improper digestion and high levels of stress. Not to mention the chemicals in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the foods we eat.

According to Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, toxic build-up can eventually manifest as a health disorder. And as we grow older, the body's mechanisms for eliminating impurities tend to be less efficient, making it even more important to cleanse every season.

This is especially important in the month of May. Why? When warmer spring temperatures melt the snow, impurities within your body also start to liquefy, flooding the microcirculatory channels (shrotas) that carry nutrients to the cells and waste away from the cells. When these essential channels get clogged, it can leave you feeling tired, sluggish, and toxic. A spring detox may be just what you need to feel fresh and energetic again.

We are delighted to be offering a Spring Ayurvedic 10 Day Cleanse May 6-16, 2019.  There will be shared community aspects of the cleanse at the Villagers shop to support your individual journey, including meet ups, yoga and acupuncture.  The cleanse is a complete plan, including a detoxifying diet, lifestyle habits, herbal formulas and a detox kit for at home therapies. All aspects work together to loosen toxins and help them flow out of the body through the natural elimination systems of skin, urine and bowel.

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