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You are all the heart and soul of Villagers.  We hope to evolve together, to listen to your suggestions, to understand what is needed and how we can show up again. We can use your support to get through this transition! Our way forward will be guided by Heart, and a dedication to serve.

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We are looking for a new location and will focus online for now. Thank you for your continued support!

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Meet Jen of Juno

Juno Pottery is featured in our Appalachian Home collection.

"My hands working with clay felt natural: forever past, present and future. I felt connected to it, like the familiarity I feel with music."

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Villagers Blog

The world is changing, and so is Villagers.
The world is changing, and so is Villagers.

By Kendra Shillington on Jun 02, 2020

This is life on planet earth, just a little more intense then before, yet an immense opportunity. It is a time for examining your true heart’s desires and so much has been put into perspective. Like a butte...

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The Perfect Morning ~ Savor the Slowness As You Rise Up Into this World.
The Perfect Morning ~ Savor the Slowness As You Rise Up Into this World.

By Villagers on May 09, 2020

Introducing, The Perfect Morning. In this collection we offer all you need to sit for a spell, with a hot mug of nourishing herbal coffee and some morning inspiration.  For the moms or other loved ones in yo...

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Gardening by the Moon
Gardening by the Moon

By Guest Blogger on Mar 15, 2020

Over the years I have found much needed anchoring in working with the Moon’s phases. Old-timers often planted, harvested, and cured according to the Moon. Every 28 or so days, the Moon completes its comparatively swift sojourn through the 12 zodiac signs while its massive brother Sun takes 12 months to make the same journey. This means that every few days the Moon moves into a new zodiac sign. 

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The Newness You Have Asked for the Newness You Desire- Happy New Year 2020
The Newness You Have Asked for the Newness You Desire- Happy New Year 2020

By Kendra Shillington on Dec 31, 2019

Resisting change is futilethe longer we fight our current and therefore only reality the longer we remain in limbotrapped somewhere between the past and the futurefar from the present All change has been ...

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Double Wild Nettle Sea Salt & Celery Soup
Double Wild Nettle Sea Salt & Celery Soup

By Guest Blogger on Dec 17, 2019

Blog written by Dee Stecco As the nights get cooler and we start getting into full winter mode, I really enjoy making easy 1-pot comfort soups. One of my favorites is Celery Soup seasoned with Doubl...

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Gifts for the Forager
Gifts for the Forager

By Kate Hanford on Dec 10, 2019

Is there a forager in your life? Someone who experiences great joy from the art of seeking and gathering nutritious food from the wild? Who, when out for a leisurely walk - be it on a wooded path or an...

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