A New Tradition in Yurt Craft

A New Tradition in Yurt Craft

Introducing Pisgah Yurt Craft!

In the Mountains of Western North Carolina, rises a reclamation of Yurt Craft Origins.  An Architectural turned Furniture Crafter, Lyca Mikhael has refined the design and woodwork of these masterful structures – creating an organic synergy of regional woods, warm curves, and natural finishes that invite the touch and please the spirit.  His dedicated studies in anthropology and traditional craft re-enliven the contemporary yurt scene – emerging as, perhaps, the only crafter of Traditionally Framed Mongolian Style Yurts on the whole of the American Continent.

The Mongolian Yurt, regionally called a ‘Ger’ to mean ‘Home’, is the most structurally intricate and symbolically manifest portable dwelling in the world. The ‘Cloud House’ has sheltered Nomadic Herdsfolk on the Great Mongolian Steppe for over a Millenia, remaining virtually unchanged for its masterful structural system and deeply rooted cosmology.

The Elements that most immediately distinguish a Traditional Mongolian Yurt from a Contemporary American Yurt are – the Cross-Arch Crown with ‘Eye to Heaven’, a steam-bent hardwood lattice wall boasting immense strength and pattern density, shaped rafters with true tenons and 2x the numbers, with soft tension connections throughout.

Lyca highlights these traditional elements in his craft, while implementing his architectural engineering and material science expertise to create an innovative hybrid structure of heart-felt heritage and modern functionality.  These beautiful lodges boast one-of-a-kind concentric ventilation domes, cedar doors and white oak thresholds, natural oil and wax finishes, all-season reflective radiant insulation, and non-toxic cover fabrics.  With a decade of collected knowledge and skills, he is dedicated to crafting Yurts in an organic, harmonious, and environmentally balanced way.

The 12’ Kestrel nestles gently into any back yard or deck – providing intimate shelter as a meditation hut, play space, or camping tent.  The 16’ Sanctuary balances traditional yurt proportions – serving as a guest lodge, compact woodland abode, or Airbnb suite.  The 20’ Cloud House provides ample light and space for full time living or premium glamping.  The 24’ Homesteader is ready to house your simple living foundations or host workshops and retreats!  A 16’ Yurt may range from $8k for a basic camping lodge to $14k for a deluxe traditional build. 

Stay tuned for a second blog, delving more deeply into Pisgah Yurt Craft, next month!


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Pisgah [piz-guh] :

1. Peak, Summit, Eminence

2. Iconic WNC Mountain, Shaped like a Yurt!

3. {The Summit of Mt Nebo, from which Moses saw the Promised Land}

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