Villagers is under new ownership XO

Villagers is under new ownership XO

Clearing my throat because there is ~~ very ~~ exciting ~~ news ~~ to share about the shop!!

This gift of flowers from Flora and a day pass to Bada Bastu from dear friend and business neighbor Owl Bakery, is in celebration of the official NEW OWNERSHIP of VILLAGERS.

It’s been an insanely wild ride, and as Liz Gunn intuited many months ago, the sale of the shop wasn’t going to happen in ways I expected. She was so right. And I am beyond thrilled with the way it has unfolded. I was afforded time to say farewell to so many customers, to literally empty out the shop and make space for someone to step into my place.

In retrospect, it is the only way it could have happened... introductions and celebrations to come soon!! But for now, we are all taking a little rest: myself, the new owner, and the shop!! Doors will be closed for a few days, the liquidation sale is over, and we will get back to you soon with a gentle reopening of what will be the newest incarnation of VILLAGERS.

So excited for the collective future of this business, better and brighter together. See you soon!!

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