Bamboo Building Intensive in Asheville

Bamboo Building Intensive in Asheville

Guest Blog by Tyler Everest Holmes

"Bamboo, isn’t that invasive?!”  This is a very common question people ask, and it really is a matter of perspective! If it's good for the environment, human health, and the economy, well then it’s not technically invasive. Bamboo must be understood and controlled, and if so it can provide so many beneficial commodities in a regenerative manner.  I call it wise folks timber because it is as strong as steel and sequesters a phenomenal amount of Carbon from the atmosphere! Based on current and projected market trends, it is clearly a frontrunner as a major future source of multiple ecologically sustainable commodities.  Not just timber, but fiber, even food and medicine! 

Space for attendance is limited for the Bamboo Building Intensive! No prior experience is necessary! It is a humble, educational retreat exploring how you can easily incorporate bamboo into your crafts, home projects, business and beyond.  From from toys, furniture, gates and fences, pavilions, panels, roofing, to entire buildings this perennial giant grass has over 1,000 documented historical uses. OnlyMoso USA and Natural Building Costa Rica partner to offer an opportunity for creative people to come together and study the usefulness of giant bamboo. This experiential educational retreat is designed as a benefit for Beloved Asheville, a 501c3  solving difficult societal issues through community organization and action!  We are all aligned with the belief in the power of people working together to make the community better though creativity, passion and sharing their unique gifts. Come learn, build, and support a brighter more sustainable future! Nourishing meals and beverages will be provided by the NOHM, alchemical catering and healing elixirs!  


- Tools and Specialty Equipment

- Safety

- Design and Model Making

- Grove Tour

- Harvesting and Processing

- Pin and Nail Making

- Splits and Panel Making

- Joining and Lashing Techniques

- Furniture Making Techniques

- Domes

- Weaving


Please inquire for pricing and availability.

Email: Tyler Everest Holmes



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