03.20.19 // Rites of Spring: Appalachian Ecosystem as Metaphor with Lauren Miller // 6:30-8pm

Spring is a time of deep aliveness, transformation and percolation. Recent studies show that the hippocampus, a part of the brain related to mood and memory, actually expands with the coming of Spring. Streams swell, sap runs and we begin to loosen the grey of winter, in Appalachia. Learn ways to intuitively nourish yourself in this seasonal shift with bioregional herbs, deeper connection to nature and restorative practices. And learn nerdy facts about how this seasonal shift can affect us! We will focus on the law of signatures and how to read the change of this special season as a metaphor for deeper, more embodied living.

$20-40 per person, sliding scale

Lauren Miller is a grief & trauma worker, herbalist and genuine weirdo. She/they facilitate space for healing from trauma, working with attachment triggers and managing stress and burnout through their somatic herbalism practice: Heart & Bone Apothecary. Lauren loves teaching, facilitating group spaces and creating room for expansive feeling in our daily lives. They regularly teach workshops on trauma informed care, skills for working in trauma recovery, trauma informed herbalism, and somatic applications of herbs in the Asheville area. Lauren likes a good guffaw, a good cry, to tell it like it is, and swooning over plant friends.

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