03.08.16 // Chocolate Alchemy with Lena Ruark-Eastes // 6-9pm

This class will redefine what you think of as chocolate. We will focus on the main ingredient in chocolate: cacao. Many native peoples who were within the range of cacao's natural habitat revered it as a sacred medicine, only to be used in ceremony.

In this class we will use ceremonial grade cacao from Guatemala to make sugar and dairy free delicious chocolate treats and beverages. We will experiment with a variety of superfood ingredients including some locally wildcrafted herbs using cacao as a base to alchemize the mixture.

Most importantly, we will come away with more love and respect for our plant ally cacao and a knowledge of how to respectfully call on her for healing.

Includes Cacao Ceremony and Herbal Truffle Making to enjoy in class and to take home and share the goodness!

$35 per person, includes materials.

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