Sea-90: Restoring MicroNutrients in Our Damaged Soils

Sea-90: Restoring MicroNutrients in Our Damaged Soils

We are delighted to share a testimonial for one of our FAVORITE products, Sea-90, from Restoration Ecologist and Permaculturist, David Ahlgren.

"In 2009 on a 13 acre research farm in Oklahoma, I was given a tablespoon of Sea-90, and was encouraged to mix it with one gallon of water and apply it to the leaves of some of my crops. My tomatoes doubled production with one folar application compared to a control group. I was shocked! Sea minerals did this? I quickly got into research mode and realized what other researchers have proven, our ecosystems are starved of micro-nutrients. Thus, microorganisms and plants don't have the building blocks to assimilate what is needed to give us nutrient dense food in abundance. The same story applies to our forest and animals.

The big question I asked myself is "why can't we get this from our soils today?" Well we can, nature has a way and we can build our soils in an envelope of our farm. BUT, with some small low cost inputs (such as Sea-90), movements of soil, and resources we can partner with nature. In partnering we dance a system back into harmony and abundance in a tenth the time or less. Yes, us humans can be a beautiful flower in our ecosystems. 

It is one of the beauties of being human.

In 2010, I purchased by first 2000lb Pallet of Sea-90 for my 120 acre USDA Certified Organic, permaculture restoration + research farm in Oklahoma. Bringing in inputs was a big move for me- but  decision based entirely on my observation on the ground, in the ground, in the plants and animals. 

I applied Sea 90 in many different ways, and saw many ways it gave the systems the building blocks they needed to hasten restoration + abundance. I applied it as a folar spray both to annuals and fruit trees, and offered it to my livestock. That mineral rich manure form my animals was then the building block of good compost for young fruit trees in highly depleted soils.

My research took Sea-90 to an even deeper level when I started making compost tea with that solid compost, Sea-90, and molasses. This sprayed onto everything green was like Certified Organic Miracle Grow, but better.

I also applied Sea-90 on hay and grazing fields, which reduced winter hay needs for cattle by 20%. When cow (or human!) is given all they need through nutrient dense food, they don't take a second helping.  Money saved is money made! The cool part about this is that cows poop, and the cycle continues into abundance, as land is remineralized and has what is needs to compound more abundance.

I eventually was so convinced that I made is available for local farmers much like Villagers is doing today!

Today I have over 40,000 acres of land I consult on restoration of around the world. I am an advocate for nature being our teacher, and working with minimal inputs and small actions to harmonize with the ecosystem we are part of bringing it back into restoration and abundance. I ask people to not take my words, but see what reflections of nature are good that I bring and see them for yourself.

Once you see the pattern in nature, then indulge and harmonize in what you see and know as beautiful and abundant."

You can learn more about David + his work at

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