Gifts for the Little Homesteader

Gifts for the Little Homesteader

Here are a few garden-related gift ideas for kids who are serious about playing in the dirt. Why not nurture their farm dreams with functional, quality, kid-appropriate garden gifts?  

1. Haws Handy Pint Watering Can, $15: Haws offers high quality plastic indoor watering cans. The smallest is this 1 pint 'Handy' which is the perfect kid-sized can.  // 2. DeWit Hands-And-Knees Spade, $45: Perhaps a hand-and-knees tool for us, but this tool could be considered a kid's first 'legit' garden shovel. With a wooden handle and sharp blade, with some parental supervision - this tool will actually get the job done, as compared to plastic toy shovels.  //  3. Hedgehog Shoe Cleaner, $54: When a child enters our shop, its not long before they are on the ground face to face with the hedgehog shoe cleaner! As cute as that is, this functional gift could actually contribute to a cleaner home. The hard bristles are excellent for removing dirt from shoes.  // 4KidsWork Gardening Gloves, $6:  Sized for 6-9 year olds, these gloves are made of nylon stretch knit coated with garden green waterproof latex. On the back of the hand is printed "Kidswork. Kids Building A Gentle World." They are machine washable, perfect for the budding gardener. // 5. My First Opinel, $15: These knives are sharp enough to cut through and apple, but the tip is rounded and there is a safety lock. Excellent for teaching kids about knife safety.  //  6.  Farm Anatomy, $16.95:  Excellent picture book to introduce kids to everything from starting a garden to milking a cow to cheesemaking. 

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