Sacred Altar

A spray for your sacred space intended to cleanse, ground and harmonize. Perfect for refreshing linens or altar offerings.

The scent is sweet, yet deep and woodsey.

This blend contains plants used for in spiritual offerings through many cultures. Palo Santo means "holy wood" and is used in Central America for connecting to the higher energies. Bay was used by the Romans during fortune-telling ceremonies, and is belived to enhance strength and clairvoyance. Marigold is used for honoring the ancestors during the Day of the Dead in Mexico, and to adorn altars throughout the growing season. Druid traditions revere Cedar as the tree of life and burn Cedar wands to clear negitive energies. In the orient, Sandalwood is used on funeral offerings to carry souls into the next life and conjure beneficial spirits.

Contains hydrosol of Bay (Laurus nobles,) Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens,) Marigold mix (Tagetes sp. -) Cedar tips (Thuja plicata,) with Australian Sandalwood essential oil.

All items organic or wildcrafted.

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