Liquid Organic Vegetable Rennet

This rennet is a Double Strength, organic, microbial vegetable rennet for cheesemaking.

• 1 fl oz. bottle
• Double strength
• No animal byproducts
• Yield: Each 1 oz. bottle contains approximately 6 teaspoons which is enough to set up to 48 gallons of milk. (1/4 tsp. will set up to 2 gallons of milk.)
• Gluten free, non-GMO.
• All ingredients conform to organic standards.
•Ingredients: Double-strength microbial “vegetable” rennet derived from Mucor Miehei (Danisco Marzyme 55 PF), sodium chloride, acetic acid, sodium acetate. All ingredients conform to organic standards.

NOTE: This rennet is DOUBLE STRENGTH. Use half as much as recipe calls for. Dilute required amount of rennet with 20 times its volume of cool, potable water. Immediately add into milk and stir for 2 minutes to uniformly distribute.

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