Bee Good Wood Oil + Butter
Bee Good Wood Oil + Butter
Bee Good Wood Oil + Butter
Bee Good Wood Oil + Butter

Bee Good Wood Oil + Butter

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Quality wood food surfaces deserve a little love & care. Oiling and waxing your end grain block is essential to keep it clean and stable over decades of hard use; this product does both.

A 100% food safe blend of superior quality light food grade mineral oil, locally-sourced pure beeswax and other blocking, fragrant and anti-microbial oils.

An ideal product for use on all cutting and serving boards, butcher blocks, islands, counter tops, salad bowls, utensils, or any wood surface with a food grade penetrating finish.

The beeswax is local to Asheville, pure, and generous in quantity, giving your wood an enduring surface protection and water-resistance as it develops a nice patina.

Made in small batches by hand without compromise. One 16oz bottle lasts a good while. 

**Do NOT use organic oils such as olive or coconut oil on your end grain cutting boards!**

Bee Good to your wood!!

Bee Good Wood Butter

By popular demand, our fragrant Bee Good Wood Oil® is now available as a thick paste wax/board butter in many sizes.

Apply thinly, allow to cure slightly, and buff to a shine for exceptional water-resistance and grain beauty.

Ideal for protecting and adding luster to fine wood surfaces, especially small handcrafted items, bowls, trays, and utensils, end grain butcher block and cutting boards.

A penetrating oil/wax finish for any wood surface where a softer and more forgiving, durable food safe wax finish is desired, preserving natural wood feel.

Made in small batches by hand with pure local beeswax, genuine 100% non-recycled food grade pure mineral oil and other naturally wood preserving, anti-microbial and fragrant oils (all sourced directly and responsibly, FDA approved and organic wherever possible).

Bee Good Wood Oil® and Wood Butter are not based in a fruit or nut oil with a limited shelf life, such as coconut oil, that will eventually go rancid over time.

We use 100% pure and certified food grade mineral oil that has not been used previously in industrial lubrication, unlike most mineral oils.

Specially formulated for end grain chopping blocks and islands, cutting and serving boards, salad bowls and wood utensils, but suitable as a natural wood finish where minimal scratch protection is required and a more natural feel is desired.

Brings out the natural beauty of wood grain. Layers of finish may be built and buffed to a shine

Please contact directly for wholesale pricing.

~Letting wood be wood~
~Bee good to your wood~



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