09.23.18 // Optimize Your Circadian Rhythms for the Sleep of Your Dreams with Patrick Clark // 5:30-8pm

Circadian Rhythms are the key to optimal sleep. We will learn the four lifestyle dimensions to put into place which work synergistically together like a finely tuned orchestra to establish consistent deep sleep and resetting the brain and body for repair, regeneration and longevity. Most of us are unknowingly breaking several of these universal rules:

  1. Light (exposure to the seasonal cycles of light/dark)
  2. Timing of key activities (like eating and sleeping, exercise)
  3. Temperature (exposure to natural seasonal temperatures)
  4. Diet (The specific diet that works with the season and climate where your live)

We will also look at the Ergonomics of Sleep and creating the ultimate sleep environment. You will get to test some tools and techniques. You will come home with a complete lifestyle blueprint to start living the optimized life and sleep like a baby.

$12-50 per person, sliding scale. Additional $5 fee to register at the door.

Paleo Sleep and Rewilding expert Patrick Clark recovered from a decades long decline in health by discovering the Primal/Paleo Diet and Rewilding Lifestyle. His journey revealed to him an eclectic and non-traditional approach to ultimate wellness. Patrick began experimenting with design from the first debris shelters he built as a child in traditional Cherokee ancestral lands. He eventually started integrating Rewilding principles with his design abilities to create furniture and outdoor gear that promotes vitality and wellness. He shares in his writings, teachings and invention at www.lucky-sheep.com and www.paleoalltheway.com

**Please review our cancellation policy. 

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