3.4.23 // Planting + Maintaining a Food Forest w/ George Brabant of Phat Ninja Food Forest // 12-2p
3.4.23 // Planting + Maintaining a Food Forest w/ George Brabant of Phat Ninja Food Forest // 12-2p

3.4.23 // Planting + Maintaining a Food Forest w/ George Brabant of Phat Ninja Food Forest // 12-2p

$ 15.00

Join us Saturday, March 4th for a deep-dive into Food Forestry! George Brabant of Phat Ninja Foodforest will share his experience of planting + managing a 10+ year old food forest. George will cover a year-round, permaculture-based approach to land management for the farm + homestead. 

If you are new to Agroforestry, Food Forestry is a method of growing food that directly mimics ecology. Using nature as a guideline, it mimics the connections + systems of a  forest to grow as much food as possible, with as few inputs as possible. When we understand forest systems, we can use the ecological niches of plants to fulfill roles in our gardens- such as nitrogen fixers, pollinator attractors, beneficial insectaries, + dynamic nutrient accumulators. We are also able to stack functions, as the layers of the forest does, in order to grow way more food per acre. This workshop will give an introduction to growing a diverse + abundant forest garden that exists in harmony with our natural world. 

About the Instructor:

George grew up on and in the St. Lawrence River, Thousand Islands, New York. He was immersed in nature from a young age, experiencing all four seasons and their rhythms. He moved to Lake Placid for a couple years and then to high in the Colorado Rocky mountains. After a decade and a half of skiing, kayaking, fishing, and hunting in the Rockies, George landed in Asheville NC, making a living as a remodel contractor. He discovered Permaculture as a result of losing his brother and reading the works he left behind. He started to question our way of living and how sustainable it is. George has been stewarding the land of Phat Ninja Foodforest with his wife for over a decade now. 

Time: 12-2p
Date: Saturday, March, 4th
Location: Villagers 
Price: $15-35 Sliding Scale


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