2.19.23 // Medicinal Mushroom Elixirs w/ Ryan Milt // 2-4p
2.19.23 // Medicinal Mushroom Elixirs w/ Ryan Milt // 2-4p

2.19.23 // Medicinal Mushroom Elixirs w/ Ryan Milt // 2-4p

$ 40.00

Join us for a deep dive on maximizing potency in your mushroom extracts! We will be using Chaga in this workshop, but these processes will apply to most medicinal mushrooms and botanicals.  We'll cover percolation extraction, honey infusions, decoctions, and basic maceration tincturing. Ryan Milt will demonstrate how to extract the alcohol and water soluble constituents of these potent wild allies-without damaging them! We will then fold them together to produce a powerful shelf-stable elixir to help us fortify our immune systems for these challenging times. Each student will go home with a 1 oz bottle of this magic medicine! 

About the Instructor:

Ryan is a forever student of botany, mycology, foraging, and medicine making. He's an Appalachian native that has pursued the old ways of living in balance with nature from an early age. His teachers have included Joe Hollis, Marc Williams, and 7Song among so many other amazing herbalists, botanists, and wisdom keepers. Ryan started Asheville Wild Foods in 2012 to bring nutrient dense wild foods and potent wild medicines to the people. 

Time: 2-4p
Date: Sunday, February 18th
Location: Villagers 
Price: $30-50 Sliding Scale


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Cancellation by Villagers:

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