12.11.16 // Cacalchemy: Chocolate Alchemy with Scott Karas // 6-8pm

In this class we will learn how to alchemize herbs and superfoods with cacao to create tasty, decadent, heart opening homemade chocolate treats. Gear up for the Holidays by learning to make a variety of chocolate styles from herbal chocolate elixirs to sugar free dairy free superfood truffles. We will weave in locally wildcrafted herbs such as Nettles and Chaga to create Appalachian flavored blends of this Central and South American medicine. Samples will be included and abundant :-)

Also covered in this class will be the historical use of cacao as a ceremonial drink as well as modern day “cacao ceremonies”. We will discuss the medicinal and healing aspects of cacao as a heart medicine and how it can improve your physical and emotional well-being.

Go home with great gift ideas, unique homemade chocolate recipes, and a new respect for a powerful plant ally. You will never look at chocolate the same way again!

Scotty Karas is a Permaculture landscaper and youth nature connection mentor by trade. He also runs a chocolate sales business at festivals and cooks for local events and gatherings. Scotty began studying permaculture and wild foods in 2008 and never looked back. Each year he seeks to broaden his horizons and biodiversify his diet by growing and wildcrafting new foods. By connecting to the source of his food, Scotty finds a great and satisfying connection to the Earth.

$25 per person

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