12.06.16 // Bone Broth with Sheefra Blumenthal // 6:30 - 8:30pm

12.06.16 // Bone Broth with Sheefra Blumenthal // 6:30 - 8:30pm

$ 30.00
There are so many health benefits to bone broth. During hunting season, there is an abundance of bones from hunted deer and elk! In this class, we will learn about some of the health benefits and how to extract their goodness into broth. We will taste a few difference kinds of bone broth in different stages, and you will go home with some handouts and recipes.

$15-30 per person, sliding scale.

For nearly four years, Sheefra Blumenthal was a co-manager at Nagdeo Farm, a residential primitive and homestead skills school, where she taught hands-on ancestral skills like friction fire and hide-tanning as well as social and relations skills such as self-accpetance, reciprocity in relationships, and cooperative ethics.

Sheefra's passion for living a handmade life and for directly experiencing the wilderness has led her to become skilled in for example: butchering wild game and making jerky, trekking in the wilderness using only a blanket for shelter in rain and hail, cooking meals from scratch for a dozen people over a campfire, and sewing her own clothes from deer hides she tanned herself. Through many camping and canoeing trips, as well as in daily cooperative living practice at the farm, she has also expanded her capacity to patiently seek solutions in a group setting while feeling hungry, cold, or tired. She has demonstrated not only the great tenacity and patience required to learn these skills, but the generodity to teach them to dozens of visitors and interns with magic and grace.

Now Sheefra lives in the Asheville area, and continues to teach earskills classes. She also has a private "reframe your story" coaching practice. See her blog at secretsofthedoe.wordpress.com.

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