12.04.16 // Holiday Magic + Medicine Making with Asia Suler // 5:30-7:30pm

12.04.16 // Holiday Magic + Medicine Making with Asia Suler // 5:30-7:30pm

$ 20.00

Traditionally, the Solstice time was more than just a festival of gift giving, it was a riotous celebration of the magical abundance inherent to life! Underneath the fresh snow or cheerfully stored in winter cupboards is a whole apothecary of medicinal merriment and vibrant delight. Whether you adore the holidays or simply wish to connect more deeply with the earth in this time of quiet magic, this class acknowledges the sparkly medicine of this time.

Infused with story and lore, we’ll explore the historical mysticism of this time and learn about our most abundance local winter medicines— spruce + pine, spicebush, hawthorn and more. We’ll talk about (and taste test) the herbs that can help you move with graceful zest through the holiday season. We’ll demonstrate how to make infused honeys, cordials and syrups, as well as medicinal holiday desserts. Be inspired to craft homemade herbal gifts for everyone on your list. Each participant will leave with their own bottle of sassafras syrup and a boatload of holiday cheer. Come ready to taste, toast, nibble, sip and celebrate! We’ll invoke the magic of the season and reclaim the twinkle inherent to this truly sensational time.

Teacher: Asia Suler of One Willow Apothecaries


$20 per person


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