11.15.17 // Percolation: Tinctures in 24 Hours with Abby Artemisia // 6:30-9pm

11.15.17 // Percolation: Tinctures in 24 Hours with Abby Artemisia // 6:30-9pm

$ 25.00
Ever needed a tincture, like, now, and groaned that you have to wait at least a couple weeks for it to infuse? Percolation is the super fast way to tincture. After you learn it, you may never go back. Percolations are said by some to extract a higher percentage of the herb and even taste better. This method can be daunting without a demonstration, but pretty simple once you’ve seen it done. Take home instructions and a worksheet to help you make your own later. You can make your own equipment at home or purchase a percolation cone for a small fee at the class. Taste some percolations and learn about dual extracts of mushrooms and lichens that can be made through percolation, too. Don't worry if you waited until the last minute, by using the percolation method you can still make herbal remedies to help those you care about most stay healthy through the cold & flu season.

$25 per person

Founder of the WANDER (Wild Artemisia Nature Discovery, Empowerment, and Reconnection) School, Botanist, Herbalist, & Professional Forager, Abby Artemisia, lives on the edge of Pisgah National Forest in the Black Mountains of North Carolina. She learned about plants playing in the woods, working on organic farms, an herbal apprenticeship, a bachelor’s degree in Botany, and running her own tea business. She teaches about plant identification, native plants, and working with plants for food and medicine in her Wild Apprenticeship Program and throughout the country. Her mission is to inspire nature reconnection with nature to empower a healthier world with many stewards. Find out more at thewanderschool.com.



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