11.07.18 // Herbs to Support Each Phase of Your Womanly Cycle with Alana House // 6:30-8pm

This class is intended for women of all ages- from puberty through menopause. We will discuss each phase and how it affects you hormonally, mentally, and physically. Learn how to keep track of when you are ovulating as a form of birth control or family planning. Discover the herbs and foods that will support you through each phase and bring balance to your cycle and support vaginal health. You will learn how to make simple tinctures and infusions and each person will go home with a sample of 4 tinctures to support you through the month.

$20-30 per person, sliding scale. Additional $5 fee to register at the door.

Alana House has been practicing community herbalism for nearly 10 years but has been learning from and connecting with plants and their healing properties her whole life. She studied energy healing and plant spirit medicine in Hawaii and has been immersed in learning the medicinal values of plants through independent study as well as studying with many herbalists, elders, and colleagues over the last decade.She also studied Health and Wellness Promotion at UNCA and is a certified birth doula. Alanas primary focus's are women's health and sexuality, pregnancy and postpartum care, herbs for trauma and grief, and the energetics of the heart.

**Please review our cancellation policy.

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