2.14.23 // Crystal Bowl Sound Healing w/ Sofia + Peter // 5:30-8p

2.14.23 // Crystal Bowl Sound Healing w/ Sofia + Peter // 5:30-8p

$ 40.00

Join us for a love-filled evening of Sound Healing with Peter + Sofia.

This sound and scent healing offering is our way to share the magical experience of vibrations healing through the gift of the bowls. The bowls are vibrational resonators made of quartz crystal. Each of the Seven is tuned to a specific tone or vibrational wave frequency in correspondence with the Seven invisible energy wheels, or Chakras, located in a ladder or rainbow in the human energetic body.

In our daily lives we often find that food and sleep alone, even when home-grown and organic, often lack the capacity to prevent us from feeling drained mentally and emotionally. It is as if something invisible is pulling much needed energy away from us.

It has been known and documented from ancient times that humans, as well as most (if not all) living creatures on this planet, are electromagnetic in nature. Electromagnetism is a form of energy which is universal and abundant provided that we have the mechanisms to harness and utilize it. It is basically our life force. We don’t posses this energy entirely, it is only borrowed and always dynamic, it belongs to all living things.

In the ancient healing practices of the East, the energy portals through which this cosmic life force flows in the human body are known as Chakras, or energy wheels. Each of the main seven chakras is situated on a particular area along the spinal cord and is responsible for our emotional well being through resonating at a particular electromagnetic frequency which is translated in the auditory and visual fields into sound vibration and color emanations.

In a strange way, we humans are crystalline sound instruments (the human body being comprised largely of water (over 70%) which is in itself a form of crystal when it comes to transmitting electromagnetic signals like quartz*) The chakras are like tuning keys. The more vibrationally aligned our chakras are, the better “tuned” we are to ourselves and the world around us. However, often the opposite is true, our energy centers which are pristine at childbirth become sluggish and often stuck due to emotional trauma or just vibrational junk we are bombarded with every day intentionally or unintentionally.

The beauty of the therapeutic crystal sound bath is that it literally “washes away” stuck energy through the vibrational waves resonating when the bowls are being “played “ by the practitioner.

Each Quartz vessel resonates at particular frequency directly corresponding to an audible tone in that frequency. Our bowls resonate in the 432 Hz sound wave which is more receptive and healing than the common 440 Hz music scale. The bowls are “tuned” much like a musical scale and each resonates with its corresponding chakras. The result is an immersive “sound bath”.

The pure tones vibrate with our bodies and facilitate deep relaxation and healing. The vibrations of these frequencies help heal the emotional and physical stresses that we are exposed to. The “organizing” power of sound has even been shown under a microscope to reshape disharmony on a cellular level to restore balance in our natural world.

Each session begins and ends with an invocation to the four directions or elements that shape our physical and spiritual journey. In between the blessings, each bowl is played for a few minutes to literally tune our body with our environment.
The “sound bathers” are lying down with a blanket and pillow while the bowls are played and our guides circulate a sound and scent experience that relaxes and rebalances the physical and emotional bodies.

Our intention is to share the experience with you in the hopes that it will bring you peace and wellbeing and a lovely start for the new year

About the hosts:

Sofia Bachvarova and Peter Vitalone have each spent a lifetime practicing the art of healing through immersive art.

Sofia is a visual artist who creates interactive installation environments that reach deep into the subconscious. For more on her artwork please visit: sofiabachart.com In addition Sofia is a certified yoga instructor and a Thai massage practitioner.

Peter Vitalone is a pianist, composer and producer who combines his 40+ yrs experience in music making with his studies of the reiki healing tradition in India for which he was specifically chosen by his master while residing in the Himalayas.

Together they create immersive healing experiences through the use of visual art, sound and scent under the creative tandem “Art_Alchemy//Zen_Zoo”

Please note:

It is recommended that participants have had something to eat prior to the session, but not a full meal, which might interfere due to the energy required for digestion.
Some water intake is beneficial as long as it does not interfere with having to use the bathroom during the session .

All participants are encouraged to bring a yoga mat and personal blanket/s and pillow/s for your best comfort. The sound bath is best received while laying down and outdoor shoes must be removed (welcome to bring your slippers or thick socks for the comfort of your own feet!).

Due to the therapeutic nature of this experience, it is recommended not to bring with you children younger than 15 years old because they would need to remain still and silent for the duration of the bowls being vibrated. Besides, most children are naturally vibrant and do not need chakra cleansing at this stage.

The sound bath will conclude with a “grounding circle” complete with some delicious chocolate truffles and herbal tea!

Time: 5:30p-8p
Date: Tuesday, February 14 2023
Location: Villagers 
Price: $30-50 Sliding Scale



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