Rain date TBD // Cacao Ceremony at the River/ 3pm
Rain date TBD // Cacao Ceremony at the River/ 3pm
Rain date TBD // Cacao Ceremony at the River/ 3pm
Rain date TBD // Cacao Ceremony at the River/ 3pm

Rain date TBD // Cacao Ceremony at the River/ 3pm

$ 25.00
In this class we will celebrate our sacred connection to the Earth, rededicate our community to the healing of the land and wash ourselves anew in the South Toe River. Bring a dish to pass, potluck and swimming to follow.

“I care for the earth and she cares for me. As she heals my body mind and soul; I heal her- water, land and vegetation.”

Come delve into the magic of cacao with all your senses. Cacao comes with a wealth of cultural significance for many peoples. We will discuss some ways cacao has been courted by indigenous cultures. We will be exploring cacao's medicine as far as it’s many health benefits to it’s use as an entheogenic plant for spiritual healing. We will be sharing in a traditional preparation and enjoyment of a strong cacao elixir that’s sure to open your heart and enliven your spirits. 

We will demonstrate how to alchemize raw cacao with medicinal herbs for this ceremonial beverage. We will weave in traditional healing herbs such as Rose, Yarrow and Cardamom to create medicinal blends of this Central and South American medicine.  We will discuss the medicinal and healing aspects of cacao as a heart medicine and how it can improve your physical and emotional well-being.

The beginning of August marks the time when summer begins its golden-ing, ripening return to fall. This cross-quarter holiday marks the halfway point between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox in the wheel of the year, and is known in the old ways of European peoples as Lammas, or “loaf-mas”: the celebration of the beginning of harvest and of the first loaf of bread baked from this year’s bounty. 

In the ceremonial portion of this class we will connect to the source of our food to offer a reciprocal relationship with our land and water. We not only celebrate the healing gifts we receive from the earth but also renew our dedication as caretakers and the sacred mission of our time- to support the healing of our soils and waterways. 

This class will educate you on at-home preparation of drinking cacao, and prepare you to facilitate your own sacred ceremony with your community on your land. Be prepared to activate your senses with cacao from the pod to the bean to the bar, to the steaming ceremonial chocolate elixir- while we share stories, and songs of this amazing plant teacher. 

$25 per person sliding scale, includes education, ceremony, and river swim time. 

A Cacao Ceremony Kit will be available for purchase and includes a tea mug by local potter Julie Covington, 1/2 pound sacred raw cacao made by Prophecy Chocolate,
Cacao Ceremonial Guide, and a medicinal herb blend to customize your experience. 
Facilitated by Monna Storry. Monna is a traditional birthworker and mother who loves to bring the Sacred into the everyday. She is also the newest Villagers team member. Monna has been working with Cacao medicine for 2 years now and is passionate about carrying on the great medicinal traditions of cacao, ethically sourcing, and creating modern traditions without appropriating from other cultures. This is the first class she has facilitated through Villagers and looks forward to building local community. Her intent for the class is to share the healing powers of ceremony while guiding the community in a rededication to a reciprocal relationship with the land. 

Cacao used in this ceremony is prepared by Prophecy Chocolate.
Prophecy Chocolate cacao bars are made from the heirloom "Chuncho" cacao variety, native to Southern Peru. This traditional variety produces premium cacao beans with high fat content, excellent aromas and balanced flavors. Most trees are full sized, non-dwarf trees, which increases the difficulty of harvest but produces higher quality beans.


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