07.28.19 // Hentopia: More Eggs, Less Work (And You Can Go On Vacation for 2 Weeks!)

More eggs, less work! And more enjoyment for both the chickens and their keeper!  We are delighted to have author Frank Hyman stop in during his July tour for his new book, Hentopia, published by Storey Publishing.   Frank Hyman is a designer and carpenter who will show you a number of low-tech and low-cost practices so you can keep chickens with much less fuss.

From the Vending Machine Feeder to the Refilling Rainwaterer, Hyman’s innovative building projects are designed to save time and money while keeping chickens safe, healthy, clean, and well fed!  He will share with us his expert advice on all aspects of chicken-keeping. Requiring minimal previous carpentry experience and using many salvaged or found materials, his innovative ideas are within reach of every aspiring chicken-keeper.
$20 per person
Frank Hyman was an organic tomato farmer in the 80's, a progressive Durham City Council member in the 90's, an award-winning garden designer/planter/builder in the double-oughts (00's) and a magazine columnist and author in the...the....this decade. His first book--Hentopia: Create Hassle-Free Habitat for Happy Chickens--sold out the first printing of 13,000 copies in just one month.

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