06.17.18 // Fruit Trees for Western NC with Danu Macon // 5:30-8pm

Join us on an exploration of some of the most bio-regionally appropriate fruit and nut trees for sprucing up the Yarden harvest. We'll meet berries, of use in medicine and pie-making, nuts to roast over an outdoor fire, and trees with leaves that can join your salad! Expect an in-depth uncovering of the multifunctional roles each of these characters can play in an urban homestead ecology, through a permaculture lens. Bring your imagination, desired harvests and passion for greening the earth!

$15-30 per person, sliding scale

Danu Macon plans to plant a million trees before his earth path carries through. He has studied Permaculture and Landscape Design, earning his PDC in the first ever class at Villagers back in 2012 and a year-long Apprenticeship with renowned, local practitioner Zev Friedman. Macon lives in Barnardsville, NC helping friends plant out there homesteads, leading efforts to bring fruit tree education to public schools and enjoying telling stories of the regeneration of human ecosystems.

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