05.24.17 // Delicious Herbal Syrups with Abby Artemisia // 6:30-8:30pm

05.24.17 // Delicious Herbal Syrups with Abby Artemisia // 6:30-8:30pm

$ 20.00
Remember what Mary Poppins said about a spoonful of sugar helping the medicine go down? Well it’s true of herbs, too, for kids and adults. Our herbs don’t have to be bitter (unless you want them to, but that’s a different class) or choked down. Syrups are a tasty way to take our herbs. It’s also a great way to preserve an herbal formula for something you take a lot of and don’t want to have to make into a tea every time. Our family drinks elderberry syrup every day and it keeps away those nasty bugs. Did you know that elderberry is a super food and binds with the flu virus to keep it from infecting us? It’s also so much cheaper to make it yourself! You’ll get to see a demonstration of how elderberry syrup is made, and take home your own recipe, along with one to make your own locally harvested cough syrup. These syrups will include honey, and don’t worry, you’ll get a sample.

$20-30 per person, sliding scale

Botanist, Herbalist, and Professional Forager, Abby Artemisia, was raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she spent her free time climbing trees and creek wandering. Her love of plants had a diverse foundation from apprenticeships on organic farms, to a bachelor’s degree in Botany, and an apprenticeship in herbalism, along with owning and operating her own tea business. After visiting Pisgah National Forest, she fell in love with the biodiversity of the southeast. Now she teaches at various venues and conferences around the country about plant identification, the importance of native plants, and how to work with plants for food and herbal remedies. Abby is the founder of the WANDER School, whose mission is to inspire a reconnection with nature to empower a healthier world with many stewards. Through the school, Abby offers a seasonal Wild Apprenticeship Program of wildcrafting/foraging and herbal medicine making, customizable workshops, and botanical property surveys. Find out more about her offerings at www.thewanderschool.com.

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