05.14.17 // Mead Making 101 with Marissa Percoco // 5:30-8:30pm, $25-50

Delve into the ancient art of mixing honey--the nectar of the flowers of plants gathered by the bees--with local fruit, flowers, roots & herbs to create divine expressions of beverage bliss. This hands-on event will guide participants through the process of harvesting ingredients and preparing them for the mead, discussing basic qualities of flowers, fruits, roots, etc. & how to handle & use them. Then we'll blend these things together with water & honey, feeding the wild yeasts, to create the beginnings of a most delightful beverage! This is a beginner's class, so we will briefly discus ratios of sweetener, the qualities of various sugars, & have an overview of wild, open & cultured fermentation. We'll end with a brief discussion on racking, bottling & storing your brews while sampling a few lovely examples of fermentation and alchemical magick!

$25-50 per person, sliding scale

Marissa Percoco and her four amazing children have been exploring community and tribal being for years, traveling the backcountry on a shoe-string, from coast to coast through deserts, mountains, hot springs and oceans (having even run away to join the circus in Hawaii in 2012). Learning plants, animals, stories, songs and local ways of weaving into harmony with the environment is this family's passion.

Fermentation is a special love of Marissa's (having been fairy dusted enough to study with many knowledgable folks over the years!). 'Nomadic/Wild Fermenting' and 'Liberation from Refrigeration' are special areas of obsession, with an addiction to discovering new uses for strange & exotic plants. Viewing all flora as brethren, Marissa is never alone. Deeply rooted in the Earthskills movement and committed to co-creating a new culture within all beings thrive, she is now nesting in Barnardsville, NC.

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