04.22.18 // Making Pigments from the Earth with // 5:30-8pm

In this workshop we will explore various ways to extract color from plant matter in order to make our own dried pigments, inks, paints, and dyes. We will create a variety of natural color palettes full of shapes, textures, and tones as we investigate the basic components of color theory.

No experience is needed in order to attend. All supplies are included in the workshop fee. Materials included: bamboo cotton rag paper, gum arabic, fresh and dried plant matter, food and flowers scraps, modifiers, paint brushes, paint, small stones, wood palettes, mason jars, vials, blender, informative handouts to keep track of your samples.

$60 per person

CocoNuco is an interdisciplinary artist based in Asheville, North Carolina. After dedicating two years of travel to explorations in plant color, dance, and traditional textiles, she culminated her studies in a sustainable clothing brand called S O M O S by CocoNuco; an experiment in fashion, botanical color, performance, and photography.