03.31.19 // ***CLASS POSTPONED ***Spring Bitters with Abby Artemisia // 3-6p


The Bountiful Bonanza of Bitters: Making herbal formulas to support your digestion and spice up your cocktails, mocktails, and sodas Though bitters are trending, they are concoctions that go way back! Back in the day, folks would eat wild, bitter greens because they were the first fresh food to pop up in the spring. Coincidentally, they’d tonify the body and kickstart the liver after a winter of eating preserved foods. Today we have so many more choices for supporting our livers and protecting us from invaders like environmental toxins and hard-to-digest fatty foods and alcohol. Once you get used to the taste, you’ll actually start to crave it! Did you know that citrus peels, chocolate, vanilla, and reishi are actually bitters? Just think of all the tasty and tonifying combinations you can come up with! Learn a little bit more about what bitters are and how they function, do a taste test to find your favorites, and make some to take home.

$35-60 per person, sliding scale

An herbalist and botanist living in the mountains of western North Carolina, Abby is dedicated to the practice and teaching of herbalism. She makes her own medicines and her passion is taking people out into the woods to find the botanical medicines growing all around us.  http://www.thewanderschool.com

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