03.26.17 // Ginseng and Goldenseal plus Other Woodland Medicinals, with Robert Eidus // 5:30-7pm

This class will review the traditional uses of Ginseng and Goldenseal. You will also learn how to grow ginseng, goldenseal, as well as, other medicinal woodland plants-trees. and leave with tips for getting it established on the North side of your home.

Class fee includes going home with your choice of 10 ginseng seeds -or- 2 goldenseal rhizomes.

$5-20 per person, sliding scale

Robert has been growing ginseng and goldenseal for 24 years and offers classes, booklets, and DVDs on the subject. He is considered an expert in this field of study. He helped start the NC Products Associations in 2002 and the NC Ginseng Association in 2012.

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