03.11.18 // Event Planning with the Moon Jen Dalke // 5:30-7pm

03.11.18 // Event Planning with the Moon Jen Dalke // 5:30-7pm

$ 25.00
Event Planning with the Moon discusses the impact each phase of the moon has on our daily existence. We will also discuss the astrological elements of planning and how these may impact our experience too! Students will come away from the class feeling more prepared to plan life events in a way that has the maximum benefit. Factors such as when we typically have more energy, when we feel more confident, or when to avoid certain arrangements will be covered, along with some pro-tips for the best ways to keep track within a busy lifestyle.


Interested in nature since childhood, Jen has spent countless hours outdoors, studying all she can about her experiences in the wilderness. After attending school at ASHH in 2011, Jen has taught for several years now in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. On the move during the winter months, she is back in Asheville for the season and looking to bring the things she has learned along with her. Her passion and purpose, she has discovered, is to teach others as much about nature as possible.



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