02.07.16 // Movement, Comfort, + Aromatherapy During Childbirth // 5-7pm

02.07.16 // Movement, Comfort, + Aromatherapy During Childbirth // 5-7pm

$ 15.00

Moving in labor serves two very important purposes. First, it helps you cope with increasingly strong and painful contractions, which signals your body to keep labor going. Second, it helps gently wiggle your baby into your pelvis and through your birth canal. While we have little control over the course of our labor, we can learn how to use the resources of our mind and body to keep the pain manageable. In this class we will share and practice some of the most common laboring and birthing comfort measures to help you have a satisfying birth. We will also be making rice socks with certified therapeutic grade essential oils that you can take home and pack in your birth bags.

Community Birth (www.communitybirths.com) is a group of women trained, certified, and passionate about all things birth. We provide childbirth education, doula services, placenta encapsulation, and lactation counseling services that fit your unique needs while creating a supported, informed and confident community.

$15 per person -or- $20 per couple

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