12.5/12.12/12.19 // Writing With Your World w/ Kristopher Drummond  // 5-7p
12.5/12.12/12.19 // Writing With Your World w/ Kristopher Drummond  // 5-7p
12.5/12.12/12.19 // Writing With Your World w/ Kristopher Drummond  // 5-7p

12.5/12.12/12.19 // Writing With Your World w/ Kristopher Drummond // 5-7p

$ 100.00

Bringing together lessons on the craft of writing with practices for accessing deep imagination, Writing With Your World is a group journey into discovering and speaking the meanings of your relationship with the creatures, watersheds, activisms, people, and possibilities of your own home ground.

We will explore imagination and our connection to place through poetry, journaling/inquiry, earth-based practices and group council, bringing participants into conversation with their own current wonderings, their connection to the land where they live, and their relationships with humans and other-than-humans alike.

This three part course will attempt to do what actually takes a lifetime. Nonetheless, it will be a beginning, providing an orientation to building a conversational relationship with the natural world and attuning to the ecological, relational, and political considerations of one’s bioregion. It will also offer opportunities to explore the “felt sense” of one’s own experience through time on the land, writing, and in group settings. It will demonstrate how cultivating an embodied “felt sense” is a necessary tool for powerful writing and belonging to self and place. Lastly, it will provide introductory opportunities to explore and be witnessed in the craft of writing and what it’s like to write structured pieces and share them in a group of people while receiving constructive feedback.

By the end of the class, you will have the capacity to deepen your relationship with earth, writing, and community with intention, feeling, and creativity. You’ll also have the tools to hold your own peer-led writing workshops, deepen your sit spot practice, and write more honestly and powerfully.

The real mechanism of growing as a writer that the course offers will be the work that happens between sessions. The practices, writing prompts, and assignments will allow the lessons offered during class sessions to come alive and feed the process of creative growth.

About the Instructor, Kristopher Drummond:

I am a poet, wilderness guide and writing teacher with a calling to support bioregional connection and ensouled living and writing. Language is a tool that can either bring us closer or push us further from our felt connection to reality and I believe that life-filled words have the potential to awaken us to our belonging to the world. 

Writing has been a healing and transformative practice in my life and as I've learned how to touch my  vulnerability and share it through written words, I've seen that others are impacted in ways I couldn't have predicted. Having been a writing/English teacher for many years, I'm now merging the craft of writing with my other great love, being in conversation with the natural world, to foster wildly inspired living and languaging in others. 

Time: 5-7p
Date: Three consecutive Mondays in early December: 12.5, 12.12, and 12.19
Location: VILLAGERS in Downtown Burnsville, NC 
*** In order to have equitable access, we offer all of our classes at a sliding scale as a way to make our classes more affordable to more people. The sliding scale is a simple tiered pricing system that allows people to choose the price they are able to pay, within a specified range. Pay what you can, no one is turned away for lack of funds.***


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