Grain Mill Grinder Rental

$ 15.00
Villagers is excited to offer rental of the Country Living Grain Mill!

Our Mill grinds virtually all dry grains and legumes, including wheat, corn, beans, peas and amaranth.

  • Big V-belt flywheel is made of solid cast iron, not aluminum. Adds momentum to the turning action, rotates smoothly, and makes it easy to motorize.
  • Adjusts quickly and easily from powder-fine to coarse.
  • The long wooden handle lets you use two hands for more leverage. Or share the work with a friend (face each other). Grinding is much easier - and more fun - with two people.

Helpful Hint: This mill will even do a decent job of separating sunflower seeds from shells. Run seeds through on very coarse setting - just enough to crack and break the shells. Then, blow shells away with fan or drop seed/shell mixture in a pan of water and skim off the shells. (Shells are much lighter than seeds.)

Note: This item can only be rented for in store use only. Bring your grains and have a blast!

Cost is $15/2 hours


To rent, please call us to check availability and make your reservation!



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