05.06.19 // Spring Ayurvedic Cleanse 2019

05.06.19 // Spring Ayurvedic Cleanse 2019

$ 175.00
An interview with Sarah Fields, facilitator of the cleanse


Spring is the time of growth and blossoming and is the perfect time to clean our inner temples!  We are offering a, powerful, transformative, and SUPPORTIVE cleanse to help release emotional toxins as well as physical sluggishness.

In Ayurveda, the practice of cleansing is considered a vital part of modern day life, with great potential for improved energy, strength, and immunity, as well as a renewed love of life.

In our physical body, our hybrid cleanse serves to rest and purify the digestive system while addressing the root cause of any imbalances in our body, mind, heart and spirit. The entire process works to draw toxins out of the tissues and into the digestive tract so that they can be eliminated, and simultaneously removes excess sludge to promote improved vitality, balance and overall health.

Metaphysically and spiritually, Liver in general is in charge of carrying out our life’s mandated destiny. And if Liver is pissed off we surely aren't going down our spiritual paths. Become heart centered and gain clarity in your life as you cleanse the sludge away.

The cleanse will take place for 10 days, from May 6 - May 16.  The cleanse includes: 

  • Home Detox Kit:  Coffee Enema, Castor Oils packs, Clay Soaks/Epsom Salt, Soaking Tubs
  • Supplements: (Premier Research Labs) Vital Greens, Cleanse herbs, Probiotics, Parasite herbs
  • Hydration Therapy: Fermented B vitamins, Mineral salts, Polar minerals

For 10 days plan on eliminating sugar, dairy and grain. We will follow the Whole 30 in addition to eating Kitchari at least twice a day.  Kitchari is a simple, easy-to-digest, nourishing dish that is made of mung beans quinoa, clarified butter (or ghee) and a blend of herbs, including turmeric, fennel seeds, cumin, mustard seeds, coriander, pepper and sea salt. This dish will help remove toxins from your body and will keep you feeling satisfied. If you are ever feeling hungry, just eat more Kitchari, and don’t reach for processed foods as a snack.

We will meet at Villagers in West AVL for the intro class, and delve into the recipes and therapies. Then we will head to the grocery store together to stock up on the essentials for the cleanse.  (Food not included in the cost of the cleanse).

At the intro class, an assistant will also collect some data, such as pH, weight, temperature and a sclera picture.

The cleanse offers lifetime practices and techniques you can use over and over.

In Health,  Natural Pathways & Villagers   “We support you!"


May 5th - (Sun) Intro to cleanse, grocery shopping, prep

May 6th- (Mon) Cleanse Begins

May 9th - (Thurs) Group meet up (yoga stretching)

May 12 - (Sun) Group meet up (community acupuncture)

May 14 - (Tues) Group meet up (meditation /sound healing)

May 16 - Group meet-up (Facilitated conversation & Potluck @ Villagers)

Cleanse pricing:  $175-225 sliding scale

Sarah Fields, cleanse facilitator, (Natural Pathways) is a nationally certified licensed acupuncturist and holds a state license in Western North Carolina.  With compassionate, simple and effective approach, Sarah treats Insomnia to Infertility and everything in between. Pain being the most common ailment. Sarah also focuses heavily on detoxification programs offering some form of detox in each treatment.  She has numerous certifications in Detox protocols for GI health/weight loss and continues to take her clients through gentle cleanses for Optimal Health. Prior to joining the Acupuncture Community Sarah received her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Psychology at the University of Arizona where she created undergrad clubs in Integrative Medicine overseen by Dr Andrew Weil.

Please visit https://flowermountain.org/ or http://www.forvillagers.com for additional information

Also, for questions about the cleanse, please contact Sarah Fields at naturalpathwaysasheville@gmail.com 828-484-1050



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