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2.26.20 // Winter is for Rest - Sleep Like a Bear with Taylor McNair // 6:30-8:30

2.26.20 // Winter is for Rest - Sleep Like a Bear with Taylor McNair // 6:30-8:30

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Winter is a time for all mammals, including us, to rest and restore. In our modern lives, however, we have become disconnected from our natural and biological rhythms and imperatives for rest and recovery. In this class, we'll discuss the importance of sleep for health and wellness. How sleep and lack of it can affect our bodies and brains. Emerging concepts of the role of Vitamin D in sleep, and some of the important health issues that could be sabotaging your ability to actually benefit from the sleep you're getting. You'll leave with simple and easy to implement strategies and tips to improve your sleep, calm your nervous system, as well as an understanding of different types of pillows and mattresses. We'll demonstrate the best sleeping positions for side, back, and even tummy sleepers, as well as strategies for ailments like GERD and apnea.
with Taylor McNair
Taylor McNair helps people tap their potential with hands on techniques to release their bodies' natural mechanical capacity, awakening their ancient and primitive pathways and connections to movement and interacting with the world, and guiding them to their best patterns for movement and rest.
Over 15 years of working with thousands of people to release them from inhibiting pain and blocks to enjoying the aspects of life they love the most, she has studied with advanced and respected healers in her field including an intensive year long fellowship with the Institute of Physical Art in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, recognized by the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists.
She enjoys helping people reach their goals by getting to the root of their problem and uses advanced knowledge of the body's musculoskeletal system as it interacts with both the somatic and autonomic nervous system, treating layers throughout the body in a holistic fashion carefully considering each area's effect on its neighbors and their interface with the world around them.
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