10.18.17 // Creating a Winter Apothecary with Danielle Eavenson // 6:30-8pm

As the cooler, shorter days of winter approach, we follow the lead of the trees and focus our energy inward. Listening deeper. Remembering our roots. Warming with the fire. Now is time to prepare the apothecary for the upcoming ails of Winter. Join us as we call on our local herbal allies for support in addressing common challenges our bodies often face this season. We will learn simple and effective remedies, try samples and prepare some in class as well. Specifically, we will discuss general immunity, fevers, sore throats, common colds and flus, coughs, and seasonal depression.

$20 per person

Danielle Eavenson is a Community Herbalist, Certified Health Coach, Doula, and mother of two wild boys. A graduate of the Chesntut School of Herbal Medicine, Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine, Institiute for Integrative Medicine, and Homegrown Babies doula training, she has been teaching and consulting for 15 years. She find her joy in the wild places, adventuring with her family, and coming alongside others as they journey into healing and vitality. Danielle can be reached for personal consultation, teaching or questions at wildmountainherbs@gmail.com

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