10.08.17 // Fermentation for the Whole Family with Marissa Percoco // 5:30-8:30pm

In this class we will discuss the relationship between fermentation and a healthy gut in children, how to treat some allergies and food reactions, and basic understanding of fermentation methods. We will also spend a good deal of time sharing recipes and getting our hands dirty making some Kid Friendly Kraut & Home Made Honey Soda. You will leave this class with a basic understanding of the human digestive process, how to nourish it & to create yummy fermented foods that kids & grown-ups alike will love.

$25-50 per person, sliding scale

Marissa Percoco and her family have been exploring community for years, traveling the backcountry on a shoe-string, from coast to coast through deserts, mountains, hot springs, and oceans. Learning plants, animals, stories, songs and local ways of weaving into harmony with the environment is her family's passion. Fermentation is a special love of Marissa's, and she's been lucky enough to study with several very knowledgeable teachers over the years. Wild Fermenting and 'liberation from refrigeration' are special areas of obsession, with an addiction to discovering new uses for strange & exotic plants. Marissa is deeply rooted in the Earthskills movement and is now nesting in Barnardsville, NC. To learn more about Marissa & what she's up to, check out her website at www.wilderlandia.org

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