10.05.17 // Convert Your Lawn to a Pollinator Patch // 6:30 - 8:30PM

Class Description: Do you want to play a central role in helping local birds, bees, and butterflies adapt to the changes we impose on the environment? Have you thought about adding more pollinator-friendly native plants to your yard but don’t know where to start? The amount and diversity of native plants in our gardens will determine the diversity and numbers of wildlife that can survive in our neighborhoods of managed landscapes. In this class, we will explore varying techniques and levels of lawn replacement—from installing a small pollinator patch to total lawn removal—offering you the opportunity to explore which methods will work best for you. We will introduce you to common native plant communities in this region and share successful planting/seeding tips that will help them thrive. A walk around the neighborhood will highlight the characteristics and desired growing conditions of many local native herbaceous perennials and shrubs.

$0 - 15 per person, sliding scale

with Dee Dee Clark + Kate Hanford

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