01.19.16 // Herbal Stress Management with Janet Kent // 6-8pm
01.19.16 // Herbal Stress Management with Janet Kent // 6-8pm

01.19.16 // Herbal Stress Management with Janet Kent // 6-8pm

$ 10.00
In our fast-paced, over stimulating world, we experience more types of stress than humans have ever faced. In this class we will talk about the physiology of stress and how it contributes to poor health, from weakened immune systems to chronic health problems. While we may have little control over our stress levels at times, there are herbs that lessen the impact of stress. We will discuss several herbs at length that can help us deal with both short and long term stress, fostering resilience and better overall health.

Janet Kent is an herbalist, educator, gardener and writer. The child of two naturalists, Janet grew up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains, learning the amazing diversity of regional wild flowers at an early age. She began studying the medicinal uses of plants when she moved to a rich Appalachian cove high in the mountains of Madison county, North Carolina twelve years ago. She lives there in her hand-built mud/straw home where she maintains an ever growing herbal apothecary and medicinal & native plant nursery, Medicine County Herbs. She views herbal medicine as a means of reconnecting to the long tradition of herbalism in rural Appalachia and as a way to empower people to take their heath into their own hands.

In recent years, she has focused on herbal approaches to mental health and self-published a book, Ease Your Mind: Herbs for Mental Health in 2014. She believes in teaching others to grow, harvest and make their own medicine, thus making holistic health accessible to everyone.

$10-30 per person, sliding scale.



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