09.25.16 // Fermented Foods for Well-being with Chelsea Wakstein // 5:30-7:30pm

Fermented foods are filled with living bacteria:probiotics. When we incorporate these foods into our diet, they have the power to boost our immune system, help digestion, facilitate nutrient assimilation, and heal various bodily ailments. Join us for an inspiring workshop on how fermented foods can help us all feel better! Class attendees will learn different vegetable fermentation techniques, recipes for incorporating these foods into your diet and how we can all cultivate a relationship with our body's microbial ecology.

Chelsea Wakstein lives in a small land-based community outside of Asheville. She's passionate about spreading the gospel of bacteria, hosting community gatherings, eating wild foods, teaching earth based education, & mindful eating. In the past, she worked as the creative director for Farmstead Ferments, a small fermented food business and was graced with the opportunity to hone in her fermentation skills & teach fermentation classes around the state. Currently she enjoys hosting mindful eating blind dinners, growing and preserving food for her community, and gathering wildflowers.

$20-35 per person, sliding scale.

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