09.20.17 // Permaculture for Renters + the Landless with Dylan Ryals-Hamilton // 6:30-8:30pm

Do you want a garden but don’t have anywhere to put one? Have you considered planting fruit trees in your yard, but can’t justify the expense of such a long-term investment in a home you don’t own? This class will explore the use of permaculture principles, strategies, and techniques for non-landowners to build personal resilience and live more lightly on Earth. There are ways we can grow (or forage) our own fresh food, build personal resilience, and develop relationships with our landscapes, even if we are only temporary guests. From guerrilla gardening and grafting to gleaning and wild-harvesting, mushrooms grown in buckets to permaculture in pots, there’s no need to wait for the homestead of your dreams. It could already be in your windowsill, under the kitchen sink, and at your favorite park.

$15-25 per person, sliding scale.

Dylan Ryals-Hamilton is a permaculture professional with thirteen years of edible and ecological landscaping experience, and has been teaching permaculture design since 2008. Seeing the need for sustainability strategies to be applied at the community scale, he has been involved in community food projects throughout Asheville and beyond. He is currently working as a Fellow of UNC Asheville’s McCullough Institute and with the City of Asheville’s Office of Sustainability to implement policy for edible landscaping on city property. He also works installing and maintaining green roofs for Living Roofs, Inc., a locally-owned company. He has never owned a home.

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