05.16.18 // Making Culinary + Medicinal Ghee with Marion Hearth // 6:30-9pm

Ghee is an ancient method of transforming grass fed butter into a nourishing butter oil which doesn't need to be refrigerated, can tolerate high cooking heat, and is lactose and casein free. It has many other benefits which we will discuss while we are learning how to craft a delicious ghee. We'll also cover the many ways to use ghee and recipes will be provided. We'll also learn to make medicinal ghees (infused with herbs and spices) in the Ayurvedic tradition.

$20 per person

Marion Hearth is the founder and creator of Goddess Ghee, an Asheville based company crafting nourishing ghee from grass fed butter. She is enthusiastic about ghee as a kitchen staple and also as a menstruum for herbal medicine.

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