04.29.18 // Living a Zero Waste Life with Cali Reed // 5:30-7pm

04.29.18 // Living a Zero Waste Life with Cali Reed // 5:30-7pm

$ 10.00
Do you think you could ever live a life where you sent nothing to the landfill? Whether you’ve heard of the term “zero waste” or not, this class is geared toward anyone and everyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint and create less trash in their daily lives. We’ll go over the overarching ideas of what living zero waste means and why it matters in our current linear economy. We’ll also discuss closing the loop and introduce the circular economy and how you’re realistically able to support it. With historical context in mind, we’ll move into some practical zero waste living tips and talk about the easiest ways to avoid excess waste, specifically plastic and single-use items, and how to make better choices when it comes to our consumer habits. Hint: Recycling is not the long- term solution!. Lastly, we’ll have a Q&A and open up the floor for discussion. Please bring any questions or relevant topics you’re hoping to talk about!.

$10-20 per person, sliding scale

Cali Reed is a Zero Waste lifestylist and a certified TRUE Advisor under GBCI (Green Business Certification Inc.). She has been transitioning to a minimalist, zero waste lifestyle for the past 2+ years and enjoys helping others learn about ways to reduce their carbon footprint. With a degree in Environmental Politics and a certificate in Peace & Conflict Resolution from the University of Hawaii, Cali has firmly rooted herself in the realm of sustainability. She is a worker-owner at Equal Exchange, the largest worker-owned cooperative in the US, as well as a Soil Ambassador for CompostNow, a door-to-door compost pickup service provider in Asheville. Follow her journey as a BeZero and 5Gyres Ambassador on Instagram! @regeneratingourworld



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