04.15.18 // Detox from Sugar with Shannon Nickerson // 6:30-8:30pm

Learn three simple tips to crowd out your sugar cravings and discover what foods may be fueling your body for health and longevity, and which ones are creating inflammation and dis-ease. Learn tools to jumpstart your health anytime you need a reboot! Each participant will be offered an opportunity to create a customized plan for reaching their health goals with Shannon.
*A Mini Detox Guide will be provided with delicious recipes to assist with eliminating cravings. These will be provided digitally for each participant after the workshop.

$10-25 per person, sliding scale

Shannon Lee Nickerson specializes in working with women by giving them the tools and support to lose weight and sustain it, and build the stamina they need to lead an extraordinary life. She offers several programs that combine customized, delicious, whole-food- based nutrition and stress management tools to help women find their ideal shape and size and keep it for the long haul. Her clients consistently share that they know what to eat to maintain their ideal weight, how to manage overwhelm and anxiety, and have more energy for their life and loved ones.

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