01.17.16 // Making Garden Wines, Meads, and Ciders with Nan K. Chase // 5-9pm

Learn how to convert surplus crops of any kind, as well as wild foraged plant material, into wines that will last for years in the bottle. Fruits and berries, flowers and herbs, vegetables and root crops, grains and even some leaves can be made into wine. Home winemaking requires a minimal investment in equipment and supplies, and wine “cooks” without any added energy.

This workshop introduces a range of fermented beverages, including meads and hard ciders, in addition to conventional and sparkling garden wines. The class covers equipment, sanitation and temperature guidelines, and such processes as harvesting and handling ingredients, plus racking (clarifying) and bottling wines.

Nan K. Chase is co-author of Drink the Harvest and author of Eat Your Yard! She has decades of experience in creating an edible, drinkable landscape, and is a member of the Asheville E-Z Gardeners club. Her “wine cellar” hold such delicacies as strawberry wine, crabapple hard cider, and locally-sourced kudzu mead.

$55 per person for class + starter kit // $40 for class only

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