01.12.16 // Introduction to Charcuterie with Meredith Leigh // 6-8pm

Learn about the art of preserving meats through salt, smoke, and dehydration. This class will cover a short history of charcuterie practice and brief butchery technique, and then focus on practical tips for brining, dry curing, sausage making, and home fermentation of both whole muscle cuts and sausages/salamis. We will process a fresh sausage in class, and participants will taste it, along with some other treats.

Meredith Leigh has worked as a farmer, butcher, chef, non-profit executive director, and more, all in pursuit of sustainable food. She currently works with sheep, pigs, and people at Living Web Farms in Mills River, NC, and is a butcher and chef there, while providing consulting and education for individuals and businesses in animal husbandry, slaughter and butchery, cooking, and food marketing. She is the author of The Ethical Meat Handbook: A complete Guide to Home Butchery, Charcuterie, and Cooking for the Conscious Omnivore.


$10 per person.

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