Dream Wisely Lunar Cycle Companion:: Winter Edition 2019

Dream Wisely is a planner and personal growth workbook based on the moon cycles. It comes in a winter edition and a summer edition. The winter edition begins on the Libra New Moon, the first new moon after the Fall Equinox. Each lunar cycle has a theme and guidance for working with that theme throughout the cycle, including rituals, journal prompts, astrology information, tarot spreads, and more. Creators Kezia Vida and Kim Wayman have been working in the realm of spiritual and personal growth for close to a decade and began making Dream Wisely three years ago as a tool to help themselves and others organize their inner and outer lives toward becoming empowered in their lives.
This Edition Includes:
  • In-depth New Moon Journal Prompts & Weekly Prompts
  • Habit Tracking
  • Astrological Insights
  • Tarot Spreads
  • Plant, Animal, and Spirit Allies
  • NEW: New Moon & Full Moon Rituals!

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