Here 'ye, here 'ye Villagers!  We are growing!

Here 'ye, here 'ye Villagers! We are growing!

Villagers is looking for a new location… again. We have received an overwhelming amount of love, gratitude, reciprocity and support from this community, and are determined to keep Villagers alive. The shop is thriving!

Thank you Burnsville! 

Stay with us, in the Spring we will unfurl into the grace of a new beginning. There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.  

Villagers has a vital role to fill in Burnsville. We are poised to grow and serve our community in more meaningful ways.  

We are hopeful we can count on our community to guide us. Currently we do not know what is next or where we are headed. All we know is that something bigger is calling us to change. In the upcoming months, we will be actively seeking our next container. All the while, dreaming about what could be. 

Villagers is in no way closing.  
Trust, we are continuing to evolve beyond just a retail store.

Villagers' next incarnation will be into a sustainable model of community cooperation, that’s more land-based with shared ownership. We have the truest of intentions of reopening in a new location, with redefined purpose, with vigor and dedication to what the community and the world is asking us to do. 




Villagers has been serving as a market, non-toxic food hub, gathering space, and educational center here in Burnsville and we need a space that can can accommodate our community-built momentum. 

Communities that grow food, harvest food, process food and celebrate food together, thrive together. More than ever, we realize the importance of living in villages. More than ever we understand the necessity of relying on your neighbors and each other. We are not meant to live this life in isolation. We are social creatures and we are meant to live and work in community. We see ways in which Villagers can do this better.


As you know, it takes a village! With your help, Villagers is manifesting a long-term location to grow into. We will continue to host workshops and gatherings. And heads up Makers, you’re in for a treat! A maker space with a commercial kitchen is on our wish list. If you know of any locations that would be a good fit, please reach out to us. 


Send us anything you think will be a good fit!

  • Location. Accessible and near town center.
  • Space. We need room to grow! 1500 sq feet or MORE!
  • Outdoor area for the community to grow a garden and gather. 
  • Commercial kitchen and adequate communal space for batch processing, cooking, and storage (we can build this).
  • Preferably in Burnsville, but we are open to other locations.
  • We will consider all locations that meet ANY of the items on our list.


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