The Perfect Morning ~ Savor the Slowness As You Rise Up Into this World.

The Perfect Morning ~ Savor the Slowness As You Rise Up Into this World.

Introducing, The Perfect Morning. In this collection we offer all you need to sit for a spell, with a hot mug of nourishing herbal coffee and some morning inspiration.  For the moms or other loved ones in your life ~ we offer the gift of savoring the morning at a slower pace.  

This collection includes locally crafted Goddess Ghee, hand thrown pottery mug from Artist Laura Keyes, and herbal Didn’t It Rain coffee that we blend in the Villagers shop.  It also includes a perfectly mug-sized wood and metal tea strainer and a sweet zine on Gratitude and Self-love.   

We are excited to share short interviews here with two of the local artisans that created the crafts in this collection, Marian Hearth, Founder of Goddess Ghee, and Laura Keyes of Keyes Pottery, in their own words ...

About Marion Hearth,  Founder of Goddess Ghee:  

photo of Marion Hearth (right)

I live outside of Asheville, NC with my two children. I work from home and our office is on the same land as my home. I choose to create ghee because I believe in food as medicine and that medicine should be part of an enjoyable daily ritual. When I was a child, I ate butter by the spoonful and always asked for extra whipped cream. When I create, I feel whole, and part of the whole. It is such an honor to nourish people. Each piece I make is a prayer for Wellness. We top each of our ghee blends with a flower or spice to remind you that beauty is part of the healing. My craft helps me to remember to be nourished, to live in wellness, and feed the world.  I am inspired by slow processes and radical business ethics.  What inspires me most about creating in the Appalachian mountains is being amongst so many gifted and talented artists and makers - and being so well received and supported in my creations. I hope this ghee brings you Euphoric bliss + gratitude!  

More about the Well Adapted Goddess Ghee in this collection:  This ghee contains a trio of powerful adaptogens: Maca + Shatavari + Ashwagandha, with Ceylon Cinnamon + Cardamom.  These herbs allow the body to adjust and handle the affects of stress and everyday hustle and bustle while maintaining a healthy sense of balance. Created in response to the fast pace living of modern life, the Well Adapted Ghee is a delicious blend of medicines & ghee whipped with intention for your mind & body.  


About Laura Keyes of Keyes Pottery:

photo of Laura Keyes by Dee Stucco

I live and work in the beautiful mountains of Madison Co. NC with my husband Jason, our dog Porter, and cat Miso. I choose to be a potter because creating functional, beautiful objects that will be treasured for years brings me great joy. When I create, I feel at home.                                   

My first memory of working with clay was when I was 11 yrs old and visiting my sister at college. She worked in the ceramic studio, making cups and bowls for the school gift shop. Walking into that huge space, looking at the rows of wheels, smelling the clay, I was immediately entranced. She helped me throw a few small bowls, which my parents still have today.

I have always been a very tactile person, being drawn to different careers that utilize my hands and body. I rediscovered my passion for working with clay about 7 years ago when I started working as a studio assistant for Mangum Pottery. I had landed in the right spot at the right time and had found my passion for being an artist and entrepreneur.  There is a fascinating alchemy to working with clay, and seeing the transformation it goes though. It is a meditative process for me, one that I thoroughly enjoy. I hope the mug you hold in your hands for your morning beverage will inspire you to take a few deep breaths and find some beauty in the little moments of your day!

More about the Hand-thrown Mug from Keyes Pottery - Potter Laura Keyes makes each mug by hand in her Madison County studio.  We love her varied designs and so we include a choice of soft green lichen or bold black + white - your choice!  

More about other items in this collection:

Didn't it Rain Herbal Coffee Blend - This is a coveted blend in our shop! Containing earthy chickory and a root-mushroom-spice blend, with a deliciously grounding taste and adaptogenic properties.  


Introduction to Gratitude & Self Love zine is a 7-day, intensive course designed to help you appreciate yourself and your life exactly as it already is. From School of Life Design. 


Tea Strainer - wire mesh with a simple wood handle. 

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We hope you enjoy this sweet morning collection!  Xoxo, Villagers

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